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Terms of Use and Advertising Agreement.

By using, “the site”, “us”, “we”, here after, you agree to these terms of use and advertiser agreement.

Users may not post false information or post any content or information that is not related to a snow bike. Users are responsible for all content they post, including any emails sent through this site. Users are responsible for their password and its confidentiality. No viruses or spam will be tolerated. In the event an account has information that violates this agreement or is unconfirmed, SnoMoto may remove or block the ad/content and take legal action if necessary. connects third party sources with other third party sources, and may result in transactions involving goods and services. All third parties are 100% responsible for all their negotiations and understand that any and all fees, taxes, and other expenses may be involved in such transactions with goods and services. Users must be aware of international exchange rates if dealing with international purchases or sales. Users will not hold SnoMoto responsible for any action, non-payment, or any content posted by users.

SnoMoto provides a platform for third parties to connect. We do not transfer legal ownership for any sales transactions. We do not verify third party information, their products/services, or any funds used to compensate a product or service.

We reserve the right to deny service if any of these terms are violated, or if we find anything inappropriate or non-conforming. We do not knowingly allow ads that discriminate based on color, race, religion, sex, or national origin, handicap, or familial status. Users must immediately report any such ad to the site. You may not reproduce information or content on this site without written permission from SnoMoto. You must be 18 years of age and legally able to use a credit card for purchasing products or services available on the site.

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