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Some of his victims were still heterosexual.

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Some of his victims were still heterosexual.

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Mar 1, 2021

The full legal FUT Coins rationale behind that decision has been published. It spells out how Jean-Bart took good advantage of his position”to convince the [minor] female gamers to take part in sex with him, by promising to assist or threatening to harm their football careers” — even though he was assumed to be the guy ultimately entrusted with their well-being.

Even the 45-page report catalogues a series of abuses, all after a similar pattern. Jean-Bart would use a supposed hospital visit for a pretext to have a player from this training center. The participant would then be pushed to a hotel or a different location, where the abuse allegedly happened.

1 victim told investigators:”Mr. Jean-Bart summoned me into his area. Then he offered me the secret to some other area. He handed me a purse of underwear as a gift. I quickly thanked him so that I could move. He phoned me and brought me closer to your own body. At that stage, he began to touch me. When I realized what was going on, I pushed him and fled the area.”

The players who denied Jean-Bart’s advances were expelled from the training centre and national staff. As DW reported in October, Jean-Bart also confiscated their passports as a way of restraining them and preventing them from tripping abroad.A second victim mentioned in the report said:”Everything I need is to get my passport back and my safety is ensured. If Dadou understands that I have testified against himanything could happen to me along with my loved ones, since he buy FIFA Mobile Coins knows where he will find me.”



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