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At Standard Die International, we offer custom metal stamping services for a wide variety of industries. From smaller metalworking applications to mass-production of manufactured parts, we handle every process so you can manufacture and service products with reliable metal and plastic parts.To get more news about deep draw metal stamping, you can visit official website.

Whether we’re drawing a deep titanium cup or forming a brass bracket, we excel at big and small custom parts made from thin gauge specialty metals. We’ve produced everything from cones, cups, rings, terminals, brackets, washers, assemblies, and many more. We are experts in drawing and stamping specialty metals into unique shapes from 0.0001” to 0.25” thick and can deliver most stamped products in 1-7 days. Our press room capabilities include:
Air Presses (5 to 10 ton): An air press, also known as a pneumatic press, is a metal stamping machine that relies on the use of pressurized air to form and press materials. This process is a clean, low-maintenance solution best suited for assembling, shaping and piercing smaller parts, including medical equipment and automotive components.
Compound Dies: If you’re making small, flat parts such as washers, compound dies can handle the job. The compound die stamping process involves using a machine to perform multiple actions in a single stroke. It’s a cost-effective way to handle simple pressing applications at a faster pace.
Hydraulic Presses (15 ton): Hydraulic presses operate with pressurized hydraulic fluid. While they operate at a slower rate than air presses or compound dies, they’re better suited for tougher metal materials. You can use hydraulic precision metal stamping solutions to shape a variety of products, including aerospace components, appliance parts, gear assemblies and more.
Line Dies: Unlike automated dies, line dies need to be loaded by hand or external machines. Because of their non-automated process, they’re often used to handle low-volume production applications. These versatile machines are also used to stamp and bend larger, bulkier parts for the automotive, aerospace and furniture industries.
Mechanical Presses (5 to 300 ton): A mechanical press, as the name suggests, operates using mechanical components to stamp, punch and bend materials. This machine comes with a motor, which powers a high-speed pressing action. A manufacturer may use a mechanical press to work with sheet metal and similar flat materials.
Progressive Stampings: When you’re metal stamping small parts at high volumes that require tight tolerances, progressive stamping dies offer the ideal solution. This method involves a stamping press that forms, bends and punches parts all at once. Manufacturers commonly make electronic parts, appliance parts and automotive parts using this method.
Transfer Presses: Transfer die stamping stations are designed with transport systems that allow them to move parts between stages. Great for high volumes, these machines are equipped to handle more precise and intricate applications. Whether you’re working with larger ferrous, stainless steel, aluminum, copper or titanium products, one of these presses may provide the support you need.

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For all your sub zero, thermador and Bosch appliance repair needs, trust Doctor Appliance. Our local appliance repair technicians are trained and certified for all Thermador appliance repairs. For Thermador fridge repair, Thermador dishwasher repair and Thermador oven repair, call Doctor Appliance to schedule your free same day service appointment. Also, as Sub Zero appliance repair technicians, we always use OEM appliance parts for all sub zero dishwasher repair, sub zero fridge repair and sub zero oven repair. We are here for you for all your Bosch appliance repair needs. Call 613-606-6038 for quick service. thermador oven repair


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