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Every new Premier League kit ranked as Man Utd away shirt shines  


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27/05/2021 5:08 am  

And while transfers are all well and good, nothing matters more than an totally subjective kit ranking based on one person's opinion.Get more news about best soccer jersey online,you can vist!

Fulham may not have released a kit, but I'm still ranking Wolves 20th rather than 19th because there is no way the Cottagers could possibly offend the eyes more than that monstrosity.The home kit is odd enough, with the blue dominating the sparse red stripes. But the away kit? Not for me.

An improvement on last year's effort, but that's not hard. Sponsor really ruins it. Away kit a bit garish too.As for the away kit, it looks like the non-slip metal flooring you'd get in stock boxes or industrial slaughterhouses - which isn't always considered a good thing.

Another nice, simplistic design by the Hammers, harking back to their history - which does jar a bit when you see them in London Stadium and not Upton Park.It's probably just a little too plain for it's own good though.It's another largely inoffensive effort by Adidas, although the touches on the sleeves are particularly nice and the colour for the away kit is a little out there.

So quite why Nike thought they'd want to spend their season as champions with some toothpaste-coloured collars is anyone's guess. Same goes for the away kit. Otherwise, it's pretty nice.

Bigger fan of the red strip on white third shirt, but can't fault them for an eye-catching design. Away shirt is tidy enough.When you always wear stripes, one instant way to change things up in a classy way is to introduce pin-stripes.

Sheffield Wednesday did a few years back and Brighton have done it now. Easy win, with the classy collar a nice touch.United's home kit does run the risk of looking a little bit like a seat on a bus with those odd specs of yellow but it just about works.

Puma have gone a little mad with Manchester City's kits - like a primary school kid being asked to trace over anything rough they can find with a crayon.

Last year was a brilliant throwback to a yellow away kit of the Ian Wright days. Not quite as good this yea, but both kits still hold plenty of retro appeal.Hummel just do football kits well - with each one having something vintage about them.


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