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Madden 22: The Best WR Abilities  


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24/09/2021 1:57 am  

The Superstar abilities of Madden NFL 22 are unique to each individual. The actual player was translated to a digital persona, so expect their characteristics to shine through when they step on the playing field. So in this article, we’re going through the very best wide receiver abilities and how they will impact your gameplay.

1. Slot-O-Matic

When lined up in the slot, the receiver with this ability makes faster cuts and has better hands when catching passes lass than 10 yards from the Los. This ability offers better cuts and catching on short slot routes. Whether you are a skilled Madden player or a beginner, Slot-O-Matic offers tremendous upside to any player. They will possibly be your best player on the field, but the ability makes it easy to track the run as it is in the middle of the field.

2. Red Zone Threat

When in the red zone, receivers with this ability have a better chance to win contested catches against single coverage. Usually coupled with a big-bodied or physically talented player, this will offer your offense a mismatch to target if the coverage is correct, giving you a greater chance of converting your red zone trips into touchdowns. Mike Evans, Deandre Hopkins, Kenny Golladay, Davante Adams and Cooper Kupp are all your best choices. If you want to use them in MUT 22, buy mut 22 coins through to obtain them!

3. Grab-N-Go

After securing a catch, ball carriers with this ability can quickly shift momentum, change direction, and turn the corner without sacrificing speed. This ability will let your players’ stats shine on the field. Grab-N-Go specialists will usually have fantastic speed, meaning there is very little chance of stopping them once they’ve broken through coverage.

4. Deep Out Elite

Receivers with this ability catch more consistently while catching passes 20+ yards from the Los or more. It can break open a defense and increase the chances of your wide receiver finding the end zone from anywhere on the field. Not only that, but it can set you up to get out of play and stop the clock if you are chasing a late field goal to win a game.

5. Short In Elite

Receivers with this ability catch more consistently while catching passes less than 10 yards from the Los; inside the numbers. The emphasis of these abilities is to find separation on a short route, looking to make a quick catch and secure the first down. From there, you can simply get out of bounds to stop the clock or potentially catch a defense slacking and turn the ball upfield with a relatively low-risk pass.

These best WR Abilities will turn your offense into a feared juggernaut. If you want to know about Madden 22, please visit our page!


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